IFR Monitoring - About Us

IFR Monitoring are experts in causal analysis and reporting. IFR is a unique company specializing in research on the technical consumer goods markets in over 60 countries across the world.

Instead of analyzing "market" share, IFR takes the living Shelf, Print Ads and Web share, the presence of goods and brands in the market and reflects what is actually in the "eyes of the consumer". Considering the constant shortening of the product life cycle and rapidly changing consumer preferences, there is a need for fast reporting targeted to aid manufacturers and retailers in the evaluation and analysis of market trends, pricing, product life cycles, etc.


IFR is fully integrated into the GfK Group of companies, specifically the Retail & Technology sector. As such, IFR identifies and focuses on the following 5 core business values:

  • Client-driven
  • Our people
  • Innovation
  • Global expertise, local knowledge
  • Growth

IFR shares specific expertise with and works alongside many of the Fortune 100/500 companies across the world.

IFR = Marketing Intelligence

IFR is a global market intelligence company supplying marketing intelligence to Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers, distributors and advertising agencies around the world.